Monday, June 30

Diaper Solutions

It is very important to me for my diaper plan to be economically and environmentally considerate. That is why I have placed on my wishpot wish list gdiapers.

Gdiapers are a diaper hybrid of cloth and disposable diapers! They're more spendy than your basic huggies, but they create less waste!

Click here to learn more about gdiapers!

The other option is to go with non-chlorine Seventh Generation diapers which I have also put onto my baby registry on babiesRus. I'm guessing I'll want a little of both in case a major blow out were to occur while not at home! Yes! I do live in reality, sometimes.

The feces stored in disposable diapers can contaminate our waters, the BIG brands are starting to recognize the demand for natural non scented compostable diapers, but they still have a long ways to go.


I am 17 weeks! And 3 days :)

Baby's first trip to London! It's lovely here sunshiney day!!!!

I am hugely pregnant, I blame the airline, and bacon.

The doctor said I am not having a Gigantic Mutant Baby.
What does he know?!

Friday, June 27

Baby Baby Baby

The baby totally kicked yesterday when I was at work. Very exciting feeling!

I'm completely exhausted and have to work today BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Engagement party tomorrow! 26 people have RSVP'd cross your fingers for good weather.

GG Update

She's doing better has been in the Hospital all week. Improvements are great! So keep up the hope!

Good I Can Has Cheezburger Pic

This is a glorious mixture of LOTR and LOLCATS!!!!!!

Sunday, June 22

Lots of Love to G.G.

My wonderful Great Grandmother Elsie Peeler is in the hospital this evening. Her atrial fibrillation is acting up again. This puts her at risk of conjuctive heart failure and stroke. She's a trooper and I love her with all my heart.

I have faith that I will be having a nice phone call with her by tomorrow afternoon. Let's all hope for the best and be strong for her!!!!

If you would like to learn more about what atrial fibrillation is click HERE to read an article from wikipedia.

Thursday, June 19

Brooklyn 9 Million : Natasha 1

Out of the Buh-jillion times I've been sexually harassed, discriminated, hit on what have you in Brooklyn, THIS ONE TOPS IT OFF!

Dude with green walker starts saying whatever to me, stops and continues to talk in the direction I'm walking until I'm a half a block away. I turn around, because I have convinced myself he's not hitting on the pregnant chick, he's clearly nutter butters.... And I got a visual confirmation that YES! In fact he thinks I'm incredibly sexy.

For needs to blab about this for two more sentences, let's get hypathetical. Let's say he didn't have the walker, would I have turned around immediately after he mouthed off and said "Oh waaaooooooowwww You are sexy too let's go join the circus together and have 700 mutant babies." NO! NO! NO!----I'm not discriminating handicaps. But Handicapped men are discriminating pregnant women in the streets of Brooklyn WATCH OUT LADIES!

************The 1 point I have against Brooklyn, is for lashing out for 5 minutes at some construction worker who had the audacity to ask me what was wrong when I was making a super charge from the subway to my home sweet home TOILET! I believe the best quote was "I'm pregnant & I have to pee". Then after I walked on he mocked me. The peeing subsided and my hormones RAGED HIS PEA SIZED BRAIN! Never ask a woman-ESPECIALLY A STRANGER- "what's wrong?" when she looks pissed. Senseless bozo.***********************

Tuesday, June 17


Hey!!! I've now discovered a way to make ONE universal Wish List for the Baby!!!

Click below to view my Wish Pot:


Monday, June 16



Joe's Acceptance Speach for his Webby

I'm apparently marrying "Ice Man".

This is kind of hilarious, and amazing, YAY JOE!!!!!!!

I love it.

me so crazy

Sunday, June 15

Joe's First Father's Day

Consists of feeding him: Shake Shack

And he's requested Sports Bar Hot Wings for later!

I also bought him a book and a lovely sports themed card, to be stereotypical & awesome.

Saturday, June 14


According to Auntie Moo, she thinks we should have a vote. So, let's see what you think. Comment your top choice for girl, and top choice for boy. If you have some weird other name you like, go ahead and put that on there too (as if you weren't going to anyway)...


1.Frank Cowboy

Friday, June 13

15 Weeks,

The baby's sex, I don't know it. BUT! According to at 15 weeks you can determine the sex via ultrasound (providing the baby will let you see). I have a doctor's appointment next week, but I think my next ultrasound isn't scheduled until July 21st, the "20 week anatomy" check up! I can wait....but I AM SO EXCITED TO FIND OUT!!!!!!!!!!

If you would like to learn more about the mysterious person I'm farming click HEEERE!

Apparently the baby is now about the size of an apple!


This is BellyFace. It's just big enough to make the Russian woman cutting my hair to make funny noises and talk baby talk. BellyFace loves to sing, not so much dance. ChocoDynoBites, Club Salads, and BBQ'd Ribs make BellyFace grow.... not to mention the 8 Famous Amos cookies I mixed in with a cup of Chocolate Pudding..........Desert anybody?

Saturday, June 7

Kate Quinn Organics WishList

Snobby cute cotton baby clothes. I've picked out some particularly cute items :)

To visit my "wish list" click HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERE!

Neighbors from... Hell?

For the last 3 years Joe and I have lived together. Give or take some months of course.

We started out in Costa Mesa, CA at a lovely apartment complex called Camden Sea Palms. Where we had the unfortunate displeasure of living above a wannabe playboy bunny that drove a convertible BMW given to her by Dennis Rodman, and loved to play loud music while blow drying her hair with all her windows down. She shook our floor daily. We got into a bit of a shouting match one Halloween and called the cops on her.

Then we moved to Park Slope Brooklyn. Pretty ugly apartment across the street from project housing on a double bus stop, below an indoor smoker, above the landlords son's family which consisted of an 8 year old girl 2 women, an infant, and an irate dermatologist who called us every garbage day at 11pm to yell at us about smells. Joe got his car towed twice, I almost got run over trying o save a parking spot and.... we got into numerous bouts with the landlords rude unfriendly son.

Now we live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Between a gas station and a privately owned Puerto Rican Biker Club. Last night we got home at 10 pm and called the cops immediately. They had about 50 bikes parked out front revving engines with questionable mufflers, and redirecting traffic so they could back in for 10 minutes at a time. This noise lasted until 5 am this morning. Joe and I have slept ohhhhhhhh 3 hours, maybe. The cops came and went and nothing happened. I HATE these guys soooooooooooo much!

Friday, June 6


This is a LeSportSac Diaper bag. I didn't like any of the bags on either of the websites I'm registered on and I LOVE LeSportSac and have been a LeSportSac Bag Toter for about 3 years now!

Click HERE to see how to get this bag :)

Couple's Dance

Here's me getting chunky with my cute skinny man.
My Mommy bought me this top, I love it!!!! THANKS MOM!

I love my gay fiance

He's super special!!!!!!!! Happy Summer FRIDAYSSSSSS!

My fridays are so summer I don't even go to work!

Thursday, June 5

I can has cheezburger

I love this. I had a music stuffed cat that fell between my bed and the wall for days at a time. There was an electric heater in that crack and the stuffed kitty got singed......this is what it would've looked like if it was a REAL kitty.


Joe and I have decided to get married married married in 2009. As in not legally put together before the baby then have the ceremony afterwards so I'm not fat in a gown...

The wedding is the commitment........I don't want to have this empty hull of a wedding in some courtroom then have a wedding for show later. I just want the whole shabang.

I'm thinking August at sunset in Portland outside.

Tuesday, June 3

The Name Game

Girl Names
  • Berlin
  • Lucy
  • Quinn
  • Penelope
  • Rio
  • Lyla
  • Juniper
  • Sicily
  • Evie
  • Lily
Boy Names
  • Frank Cowboy
  • Kingsley
  • Harlow
  • Edison

Sunday, June 1

On Target

Joe and I are also registered at Target, Babies'R'Us didn't have everything we liked.

Click HERE to visit our Target Baby Registry.

Baby Registry

Joe and I are registering online at Babies'R'Us. We don't expect anybody to buy us anything, but if you insist we have a registry and are mainly shooting for the basics. Some of the items are $$$, we do not want anyone to spend a lot of money, and the best thing that we could ask for is a gift certificate that we could use towards the purchase of the more expensive items i.e. stroller, changing table etc...

Click HERE to visit our Registry.

This is still being put together and until we find out the sex of the baby is VERY basic!!