Thursday, July 24

Friday Friday my FAVORITE DAY!

My OB/GYN was called in for a delivery so I had my appointment cancelled :(

Trader Joe's on a Friday before Noon is apparently an Old person's paradise! It was like a freaking social security party! hilarious. I had to inform some people on microwaveable frozen meals :)

I am happy in my AC apartment and do not want to go out. yippee!

Maybe Portland

I may be planning a semi-emergency trip to Portland, OR!

To: Visit family, move furniture, & attend a wedding.

Tickets are ever increasing in price so decisions will be made SOON!

Tuesday, July 22

Crib Contemplations

I have been struggling with making a decision on a crib. Joe's Mom has been very generous and offered to flip the bill on the crib. Her only requirement is that it is a crib that can convert into a toddler bed.

I have had zero problems finding cribs I like that convert into toddler beds. What I've had problems with deciding on style and on something that doesn't push over budget and dip into Our pockets as well as the to be grandparents.

Now I'm faced with a decision.

Bed 1:
Cute design.
On Budget.
Conversion kit for toddler bed (puts over budget, especially when you tack on mattress).

Bed 2:
Cool modern design
crib is slightly smaller which means that it will not squeeze joe and i out of our room!
Over Budget
Conversion kit
**converts to toddler bed***THEN into a twin bed frame. 1 bed 18 years. sounds kinda awesome to me!

Monday, July 21




It's a BOY!

The arrow points to the penis.

"That's a penis", said the sonographer.

Joe shakes his head.... I don't think he's stopped.

The sonographer was getting a little pissy, our little boy is a little overactive!

Sunday, July 20

Humming Birds

My grandpa takes many many many wildlife photos that are pretty amazing!

I recently received 15 pictures of Humming birds. Here are my 3 favorite!


I have just returned from Mexico!!!!!

I would love to not fly Delta, or indirect ever again. This is a fantasy that I'm sure will be short lived.

Cancun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually Playa Del Carmen- WAS AWESOME! Joe and I are currently sunburned. Pictures to follow tomorrow!

Saturday, July 12

1 day to Mexico

How freaking excited am I? I am very excited.

I had my first bought of restless leg syndrome last night, it's like severe heeby jeebies that you just can't shake off. I was up from 1:30 to 3:30am it was so cool.

I painted my nails the perfect red, but I did not paint them perfectly...come on, I was half asleep!

I'm addicted to my little Sudoko book. It is my precious!

Thursday, July 10


In preparation for mexico I went shopping :)

Toms in sparkly gold! Some nice Bass sandals in aloha blue.

A lovely black American Apparel T-shirt dress that I look tactful in!

AND GOLD antler earrings (trust me they're awesome)!

A white pair of linen pants for $1.49 from GoodWill.

AND last but not least gray button up stretch pants AKA LEGGINS! from AA!

I'm a stylin' Momma :)

Wednesday, July 9

Diaper Bag UPDATE!

I've placed the LeSportSac diaper bag on my wish list (CLICK HERE)

This is a different print than the previously picture BECAUSE!

It's just as cute, but it's brown which means it won't stain easily AND!!!!

It's called the NATASHA PRINT so now it's a MUST OR BUST!

Food I Crave

Most common pregnancy questions I've received:

Q. Do you know the sex?
A. No, I find out right after I get back from Mexico.

Q. How far along are you?
A. As of today I'm 18 weeks and 5 days (4 1/2 months). That's half way if you're counting non-doctor talk of Full Term at 38 weeks. They love to tack on extra weeks here and there.

Q. Do you have any weird food cravings.
A. I have my entire life. Now they're more like food phases.

I'm in Haribo Gummy Phase

I'm also in Chocolate Chip Cookie Icecream Sandwich Phase

Don't be worried, I drink tons of water, and eat lots of veggies and fruit-mainly bananas. I just happen to have a serious addiction to gummy candy, ice cream sandwiches, and also danishes (of the fruit & cheese variety).

P.S. The baby is kicking.

Tuesday, July 8

18 Weeks 4 Days

I saw the baby kick! Yes! Meaning the hard ones are already visible from the outside. My little Kung-Fu Master!

Here's a preview of what I'll look like in Cancun-watch out MTV!


It is a hot day. I am hot.

Saturday, July 5

London July 5


Breakfast at Apostrophe in Shoreditch, London

Bus to the Design Museum, London

Walk across the Tower Bridge to Tower of London (let the beheading begin).

Bus/Walk to The London Eye & London Aquarium

Lunched at a delicious Mediterranean Restaurant...Hummus, Lamb, Chicken, Feta YUM!

Walked across Westminster Bridge to Westminster Abbey, Big Ben & The Clock Tower, Houses of Parliament.

Friday, July 4

4th of July!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy 4th of July! Joe and I are going to lunch, the Tate museum, St. Paul's Cathedral YIPPEE!!!!

Have fun in the U.S.


Wednesday, July 2

Juicy Bits

The lovely UK says things a little funny.

Take example : my OJ I had this morning.

"Orange Juice with juicy bits" = OJ with pulp!

By morning I mean 6:25 Eastern, 11:25 HERE TIME. This is the earliest I've been out of the hotel all week! Which is understandable when I let you know I ate an entire meat pie with mashed potatoes, chinese food, and delicious greasy sandwiches. Don't worry I have been downing fruit to try to keep things moving (especially the baby).... but man oh man these brits must be stopped up for days, or take a lot of laxatives! YAY BANANAS & WATER!!!

Tuesday, July 1

Getting Hit on Pregnant

I am apparently a very sexy pregnant lady.

I felt the baby kick from the outside today-but I had a heads up of where it was going to happen. I really hope that it will happen in the near future when I'm around Joe so he can feel, I think he's really excited for that moment! He's waited patiently for a while hands on stomach....and nada, zip, zilch. Sometime I think I feel my digestion more than my baby. But not lately, with the time change it's been interesting.

I'm off to eat STARVIN MARVIN!