Monday, December 21


went out in a blizzard. it was cold.

Wednesday, November 25

Thursday, November 19

ah the summer

it's getting cold...

i wish these sunglasses weren't stolen from Joe's desk at HUGE! WHO DUN IT?

Thursday, November 12

Crap A Doodle Pumpkin Noodle

I am bored. There is cleaning to be done. No need to vacuum while there is a sleeping baby. Only works to put him to sleep, well it would be rumored that running a vacuum helps lul a child to sleep. For Ace it's the dryer, which is convenient as I am in a constant state of doing laundry. The vacuum excites Ace. He chases it, attacks it, rides on top of it. When the vacuum is put away he finds it and with squeals of joy climbs all over it.

I wish I loved my vacuum as much as Ace does.

The dishes the dishes, oh such dishes to be done.

Who are these dishes? Did I make them dirty? Surely, not I. Oh wait.


Pea Soup you were a bastard to my clean house. Bran Muffin fed to the baby, how dare you! Meatloaf, delicious meatloaf, you are a mess too. But delicious oh yes, so gooooooooood!

Blah blah blahhhhh.. I have no insight into the world, just into my household. That is the insight of cleanliness (or the lack of). All I know now is that silence is bliss, all too soon with my home be booming with baby talk, vacuuming, and dishwasher madness.

I miss you Joe Stewart, see you soon.

Wednesday, October 28

Who hates halloween and wants to babysit?

We will be dressing Ace up and going to an early evening baby party :) No trick or treating yet.... babies can't have candy!

But the later hours will be spent sitting in front of the TV while Ace sleeps. Wondering if there is anyone I know who hates Pagan holidays, dressing up, going out. Because I love them and would like to enjoy them, and also drag my husband along in the festivities.

Still haven't figured out what Ace is going to be.

Chucky. Jack Sparrow. Harry Potter. Ron Weasley. Napoleon Dynamite.

I will be: Lady GaGa:

Robert Pattinson to be on Ellen

November 20th!!!! The same day as the 2nd twilight movie New Moonhits theatres. I don't have tickets to the movie yet, but I may have to dvr this Ellen interview if Im busy standing in line!

I cannot wait! But I must!

Tuesday, October 27

New Moon Trailer

Last night while watching Family Guy I got a glimpse of the NEW TV New Moon (Twilight Saga) movie trailer! I was in the kitchen making dinner, and couldn't help but let out shrieks of happiness and excitement! It looks freaking AMAZING! The trailer featured a few never been seen bits and I tell ya! I cannot wait.

I purchased 2 for $14.99 Regal Cinemas tickets from Costco! Though I was planning on using them for Where The Wild Things Are... I may not get a chance to go to a movie until Nov. 20!!!

Seriously serious cannot wait!! The anticipation has been building so much so that I could burst! I have kept myself off the internet scene of trailers and gossip to keep it a surprise! I didn't even watch the crazy extended trailer they played at the VMA's just for this purpose. Right about now I'm really thinking about breaking all of that and going bananas with sneak peeks. I shan't. But I reeeeeeaally want to.

I need to get the Sookie Stackhouse series to feed the need. I have 2 new books to read, thanks to Jamie Stewart. I really should pick them up and work on "Project Distraction". These little fall months have been wizzing by, which is awesome and also terrifying.

Though I want time to fly so I can see the movie. My little Ace is getting so big so fast I cannot stand it! I am enjoying every new phase and missing the old ones as well. With new teeth on the move the nights have been a little sleepless. If only sleep weren't necessary, think of all the things we could do?

Monday, October 26

last week rerun

The Vampire Diaries was a rerun last week. Nothing could be more painful.

Many things are more painful. I'm exadurating. Most everything i say is exadurated. Not totally, and definitely not fabricated (i'm not THAT imaginative). Exaduration in emotion. That is the crime I have been guilty of.

I haven't smoked for almost 24 hours. (this is where I admit that I had started again). Somewhere along the husband out of town and the mommy 24 hours and the car accidents wedding planning.. ya da ya da. It never ended when it was supposed to.

Oh cigarette addiction I despise you. I would rather buy a new pair of winter shoes. I need a new cardigan, mine is ripped. So long cigarettes. You are bad for me. I do not want premature aging anymore. Turns out I do care.

nope. not ready. nope.

the car.

the car.

the car.

stupid car.

it's not your fault.

who's fault is it?




Wednesday, October 21


Today there is free admission (usually $18) to the guggenheim in Manhattan. Tonight in honor of the beloved museum the Empire State will be lit up in "Guggenheim Red". Curious if it will be the same red it always is, or if they purchased special bulbs ;)

Anyway, thinking about going after Ace's nap. Wondering how many people will be there on a Wednesday?!?!?

Today exactly 50 years ago the New York Guggenheim opened it's doors. Though they have a full year of 50th anniversary events planned, this is perhaps the most significant of days.

Here are the special exhibitions that are featured currently that you could see free today:

September 18, 2009 – January 13, 2010
Organized by the three largest holders of Kandinsky’s work—Munich’s Lenbachhaus, the Guggenheim Museum, and the Pompidou in Paris—this full-scale retrospective of Kandinsky brings together over 100 paintings and is the first major show of the artist since 1985.

The Deutsche Bank Series at the Guggenheim
Anish Kapoor: Memory
October 21, 2009 – March 28, 2010
Memory, a major new commission and site-specific installation by Anish Kapoor, challenges the museum’s architecture through its improbable scale, measuring 47.6 x 29.4 x 14.7 feet and weighing 24 tons. As the fourteenth commission of the Deutsche Guggenheim in Berlin and the Guggenheim Foundation, the installation presents a new milestone in the artist’s career with his use of Cor-Ten steel.

Intervals: Kitty Kraus
October 9, 2009 – January 6, 2010
Conceived to take place in interstitial spaces or beyond the physical confines of the building,Intervals is a new contemporary art series designed to reflect the spirit of today’s most innovative practices. Berlin-based Kitty Kraus is the second artist invited to create new work for this succession of solo presentations.

I believe there is also a film of the "past & present" of the guggenheim.

I know I will not love anything at the Guggenheim more than Cai Guo-Qiang:

I will definitely see the empire state tonight, but perhaps this afternoon I can enjoy the "free day" as well!

Tuesday, October 20

visualize nothing.

I am trying to come up with a solution to the constant clutter of my apartment. Essentially it is a cleaning issue. I am never quite able to complete a full cycle of laundry at once. Meaning, wash, dry, then fold. What happens is large pile of dirty= large pile of clean. With a major lack of storage and little money left after bills to purchase furniture this is an ongoing problemo.

I'm seeking a zen like approach to my problem solving tactics. I am visualizing nothing in my apartment. I want to play furniture scramble and come up with a way to not buy anything but create the apartment I want.

This is possible, but I will say it would be easier if I had some hampers a filing cabinet and some mounted wall shelves.

Also: free contractor who wants to build walls and put up doors for pennies.

Maybe I should apply to some nightmarish design show on HGTV.

Saturday, October 10

Oh. My. God.

Never mind the reason why... but I googled "yo mama" and switched it over to an image search... this was on the first page.


Monday, October 5

Cold, Hot, Cold

The weather in Brooklyn has been interesting!  Sheer panic took over me last weekend when we plummeted into the 50's!  Then this weekend it's 70!  I'm going with happiness on the warmer days!  Rain was kinda nice for a bit, but it reminded me to really enjoy the nice days while they are still among us!

Panic mainly for buying winter baby clothes.  Ace is growing so quickly he is almost completely out of pants that cover his entire legs!  The other issue is one of shoes.  The child dislikes shoes with a vendetta.  I am unsure exactly why, but the only shoes that have worked at being put on and kept on are Robees.  This is because they're more on the elastic mocassin side than rubber sole and laces shoes.  He has 4 pairs of cute shoes that he cannot wear because his feet have outgrown them, don't fit into them yet, or they are impossible to get onto his feet as he curls up his toes and makes it absolute torture to attempt shoe wearing. 

Because of this I've decided these 3 pairs of shoes will be needed for the winter.  I will not give up on "normal" shoes with him as he is on the verge of walking and I do think a hard rubber sole will help him with his balance!




Thursday, October 1

Watching The Vampire Diaries on PIX, they just were talking about twilight whatever...! I am watching it... For a fix, but truly November 20th is what I'm waiting for!!!! Yay New Moon!!! For serious!

La Boom

very cool

I want my stairs to look like this!

Wednesday, September 30


i don't like my update, but i'm too tired of messing around with it to forfeit the rest of nap time in front of the computer for a redo.

it will have to suffice for a day or two.

Saturday, September 26

need to vacuum

Cleaning is no longer filling in the gaps of boredom. I'm tired, not bored. I have been cleaning since last night. It was more fun last night because I was drinking margaritas while cleaning. This time, not so much of a party.

It is nap time, and when one takes a nap certain outbursts of dishes clanking together, scrub brushes on tile and boxes clanking and scooting from hither to thither are disruptive. So to not wake baby I will not do these things until he is awake. I will note that cleaning, organizing and sorting is more difficult with him awake as he would like me to be cleaning, moving, and sorting him with his toys than watch me doing boring things from his bouncy chair. The outcries of unhappiness are really disconcerting to a cleaning lady/mom.

I have realized that windexing mirrors is a chore that I just stopped doing. I'm not even sure I have any windex left. Perhaps that would be the reason behind the drop in mirror cleaning.

A positive cleaning experience of the last 18 hours worth of effort is that I have finally counquered clean laundry mountain.

this is good.

more to do, and now the boy is crying awake.


happy weekend!

Monday, September 14

MTV VMA Scandals (& Scoundrals)

So, I watches the VMA's lastnight. Kanye is an idiot, & messed up the glory moment for Taylor Swift, the honoring of Michael Jackson, by being a vindictive attention whore & his chances of winning at least 1 VMA, which Joe & I speculate he actually did win, but a last minute decision ( and a good one) at the last minute changed his award to be given to someone else.

He had a great hip hop album and single, but he screwed himself so big!!!! Idiot!

I'll be a fan of his music but not a fan of him for sure!

Lady Gaga was awesome, I loved every minute of her perfoance!!! She rocked the party!

The Michael Jackson speach intro to tribute by Madonna was a bit long & indulgent, but I think it all needed to be said!

The tribute itself was A-lazing, it sent shivers all over, I was feclempt!

All in all it was good!

The new moon trailer was sooooo long & too revealing! I kept covering my eyes and turning away. I did this several times because I had to see, but I didn't want to ruin all the anticipation of being good & not ruining the movie for myself!

I can't wait for November 20th!!!!! I'm sooooooo excited!

Sunday, September 13

20 pages from

Finishing Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

I'm into it!!!

watching the VMA's in 30 minutes!

Tuesday, September 8

Best Email

Joe emailed me this from his iphone today. It was a picture he took of something on a wall at the company he was presenting to.

Seriously. I heart this hard.

3 things i'm doing

1. Finishing Treasure Island, ( I started reading it a year ago, set it down and.. forgot) How could i forget to finish this book? It's EPIC!

2. Playing Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii, 17 stars so far.

3. Watching Wolf with Jack Nicholson & Michelle Pfeifer. Totally awesome. Senior Consultant at a Publishing House turns into a sex crazed werewolf and finds out James Spader is nailing his wife, so he pees on his shoes.


These are all good things.

3 Other things:

Laundry, Dishes, Blogging.

3 Things I will not be doing today:



3.killing the cat (though it is tempting) Morrissey is a vile and evil feline. He insists upon yowling at high volumes during naptime, and if he's not doign that he's sharpening his claws loudly on a cardboard box. I have never disliked a cat so much.

Thursday, September 3


I'm back on a reading phase. Well, I've been on one, but now that the wedding is over, I am in it to win it :)

Currently reading a non-twilight book, though there is a connection (since it is by the same author) "The Host" by Stefanie Meyers. It's interesting so far!

My next reading extravaganza will be the Sookie Stackhouse books.

I'm really vampin' it up these days.

Go Vampires, WOOO!

Then, I think my pal Frances & I might engulf ourselves into Anne Rice.

After that, I think a healthy does of Jane Austen is in play and to finish off that reading fest I will read the now on paperback Pride & Prejudice & zombies.

yippee ay- AYE cow patties!

Saturday, August 22


We got hitched.

It was an amazing evening in DUMBO Brooklyn!

This lovely affair is my excuse for not blogging!

August 14th, 2009 in Brooklyn Bridge Park, Joe & I shared vows with eachother in front of teh best friends a family members a person could hope to have!

thank you to everyone who blessed us with their presence, help, support & love!

Friday, July 31

Wednesday, July 1

are you kidding me?

i love otters.

this just really did it for me today!

Tuesday, June 30

I watched 2 movies that weren't Twilight yesterday

I still watched Twilight, with video commentary, because I was curious. I am so totally into Catherine Hardwicke. She is very passionately descriptive, and her excitement is captivating, not to mention humorous! Robert Pattenson's additions to the commentary were few and far between and mostly irrelevant but comical, Kristen Stewart is a bit more serious and she pays mind to the movie and drops little bits of relevant fun facts, as well as giggles and comical hoop-hoorah. I'd imagine it's difficult to watch yourself doing something and then talking about it... in an akward public-self-admiring way. I suppose actors that are super into talking about themselves and how well they completed each scene is ..... a bit twat-ish. "I was so amazing in this scene, I was like ["oh baby i love you so much"] I really nailed it, I'm so gooooooood!"

And onto the movie reviews:

ON DVD I watched:

The Wrestler

Starring Mickey Rourke, Rachel Evan Woods, & Marisa Tomei

Plot: The Ram (mickey rourke) is an old washed up WWE style wrestler who can't give up the lifestyle although he's well past his prime, he wishes the 80's never ended. Drinks too much shoots up juice & spends all money on steroids & lap dances. Lives in a trailer, fucked up his relationship with his daughter Rachel Evan Woods, and has a heart attack after being stuck by barbed wire, window panes of glass, a staple gun & body slamming someone off a ladder. The closest person to him is a stripper (Marisa Tomei) whom is too old to be attracting customers for lap dances & is planning to retire as a stripper to be a better mom.

After the Ram suffers his heart attack he has bypass surgery and is told he cannot wrestler anymore. He tells the stripper because no one else gives a shit, and she tells him to seek out his daughter cause she doesn't [or shouldn't] give a shit either. He kisses his early 20's late teen daughter's ass apologizing.. it's heart wrenching. He coaxes her into allowing him back in her life, then goes and does a bunch of blow, f's a chick and sleeps through his next date with his daughter. She tells him to fuck off, then he decides he's going to wrestle because no one gives a shit about him but his fans. The stripper decides she gives a shit about him, finds him just in time to stop him from wrestling and inducing another heart attack. He's already made up his mind, he goes and wrestles and i'm guessing bites the big one, but we don't find out, we just assume because the screen goes black and what seems like 10 minutes later the credits roll.

I liked it, my jaw was dropped at least 50% of the time, the scenes were mainly horrendous and so gut wrenchingly real it makes you want to walk out of the room.

Next Movie:


Starring: No one I can name off the top of my head, and i probably wouldn't recognize a soul unless I was a UK dweller any-hoo!

Plot: The story of Ian Curtis & Joy Division based on the writings of Deborah Curtis, Ian Curtis' wife.

I think the portrayal of Ian Curtis was very well done. Not that I knew the guy, but the dancing, singing, and general emotion in the acting was impressive. I knew more about the band than the person... so I learned quite a bit from the movie. It was put together well, and I have passed the judgement that I do not respect the way Ian Curtis chose to live his life and treat the people around him. Suicide is heart breaking, and selfish, but what led him to that point was a lot of struggle with epilepsy & a self induced love triangle. I found the film captivating, though I already knew the story, I still wanted to watch & find out what was going to happen next. I like the fact that the story of Joy Division has been told throughout multiple movies and views, it creates an interesting whole. ( i don't know if this makes a lick of sense...) I kinda had to pull this out of my ass really, I didn't have much to say about it, I mainly just wanted to talk about the wrestler.

Wednesday, June 24

Obsessed vs Posessed (boys...)

In 1 week I have read four and a half books. Not just any books either.

I read the Twilight series. I was addicted to it as much as I imagine my friend's ex-boyfriend is addicted to heroine.

After I finished the books in a freakish frenzy, I rented the movie on itunes. It took 6 hours to download which made me incredibly hasty and hostile. After I watched the movie 3 times it expired.

The first time I watched Twilight, I was instantly ridiculously into the star Robert Pattinson. It was obscene reliving my 13 year old style crush feelings (what I once felt for JTT {Jonathon Taylor Thomas}, Devon Sawa, Leo {Leonardo DiCaprio}, Johny Depp, & Matthew & Joey Lawrence).... that list could go on. I knew I had a problem.

so I watched it 3 more times... got kinda sick of it, and turned to the internet. I'd him.... learned I'm only 352 days older.... and then I found something that helped me stop feeling like a giddy school girl. He (robert pattinson) played Salvador Dali in a film that didn't hit big this year... the mustache was enough. I have mad respect for Dali, and I'm totally down with taking challenging acting roles, and the mustache was totally necessary for the part-i just don't have to like it.

It's so funny to have this silly feeling for some dude. I'm a mom and I'm getting married.

The truth about the crush was really quite simple to figure out. It was the character that I fell in love with, learning so much about Edward Cullen, spending a week reading about the romance chivalry and ludacris amount of passion he held for his love... did it. SWOON! Anyway.

Robert Pattinson is a total hunk for sure, thought so when he was in Harry Potter. It's criminal that my now 2 favorite book saga's and movies include him in them.

Don't worry I'm not going to obsess anymore. I'll go along with thinking he's handsome along with Johnny Depp, the dude from The Science of Sleep... and the dude from Lord of the Rings. Man what is it about books into movies hot dudes? gets me every time.

I have my very own Barry Pepper (Joe Stewart) and I'm INSANELY HAPPY WITH THAT. though I didn't show it through my less than aware self existence last week, I think joe got about 5 words out of me- a rarity I hope he appreciated, the loud mouth is back.

THERE IS A GOD DAMN LUNATIC SINGING IN it italian? outside my window on the sidewalk during Ace's nap... (exercising self control in 3, 2, 1 commence self control).

well that thought is over.

all done.

Sunday, June 7

baby food mill

made baby food without boiling today. it was nice. less mess.

Saturday, June 6

Baby shower pot luck

Attended a baby shower in Pelham, NY today. Decided I want to live in a house away from the city, but not too far away.

Brought store bought spinach dip and veggie platter. Not my finest donation to a party... but it's been rainy week and without the car or my umbrella (which i finally found today when it's sunny) there weren't a lot of great grocery shopping adventures this week.

The house was great, the sun was shining, the baby was happy to be out of the car. Gave some great gifts & found a new home for Ace's outgrown clothing. Dined on mini BACON cupcakes! Not part of the diet. Individual mac n cheese cups were cool too! Things like that make me thing I should be able to cater my own wedding (LUDACRIS)!!!!

Currently at home watching Muppets take Manhattan. Kermit has amnesia :(

The baby is asleep, Joe is asleep, I am next I suppose.

Monday, June 1

Happy June



Father's day is around the corner.

Ace now own's Ralph Lauren clothing thanks to his honorary Uncle Tony's Aunt Na.

I bought my wedding dress. It is powder pink. How do you detail in your wedding invite that the "don't wear white to a wedding" rule has been switched to powder pink. I would totally crap my pants if someone wore my dress to my wedding. I'm going to have it semi-formal so maybe... that will lower the risk. I honestly don't think I know anyone who would wear the dress (is that a bad sign) other than myself. I think it's just a testiment to how much the dress is "me". Let's hope.

so much wedding work to be done. Invites will be sent to the printer today! TG!

Now on to scoop cat poop!

As the world turns, these are the days of my life with cats.

Wednesday, May 20


Sara is playing the red icy pop flute. A favorite instrument of Brooklyn Birthday Parties!

Tuesday, May 19

I am 24

yep. 1 year away from 25... almost half way through my 20's. AH!

I'm a very different 24 than I suspected I would be. I think I have done enough smoking/drinking etcetera to really allow me some rather sober years in my 20's. I do not mind it. I love my baby and am very excited to get married this August!

I feel safe, secure, and happy. 23 was pretty nuts, I would like 24 to be more on the mellow side, but I'm pretty sure any year you get married is pretty crazy!

My beloved Maid of Honor Ali has assigned me a deadline to purchase a wedding dress. This is good. May is a really crazy month and full of stuff! I am realizing that if I don't get a lot of things done by the end of the week (as far as wedding planning goes) I just won't have enough time to get it done period.


This week:
wedding dress
wedding invitations
hunt down starwars stamps
find balloons
schedule cake making
find dj or karaoke set up.

i will do possible 2 of these things this week.... realistically.


I'm 24 my baby is 5 months old I'm still 20 pounds overweight. My apartment is finally put together. The washer and dryer work. I need to brush my teeth. I keep skipping the shower part of the day.. which is disgusting. I started my period for the first time since the baby and ate a ton of chocolate sheet cake. It was delicious. I am now 25 pounds overweight. I can't fit into a size 6 skin tight stretch dress it made me look 6 months pregnant. I have to buy running shoes today. today today today.

Tuesday, May 12

Wedding Dress

I think it's down to 2 dresses.

Here are pictures of both... let me know what you think.

I am going for a non-traditional semi-mod/early 60's look. Also something that won't show every bump or will help smooth out said bumps- no need to set my goals too high for dieting!!!

Friday, May 8

Cat Terds

I clogged my toilet with cat terds (turds is apparently the correct way, the computer's spell check DOES have a preference) today. Maybe if I used the flushable cat litter this wouldn't happen. (apparently flushable isn't recognized as a real word)

So I talked to my Mom on the phone & plunged & plunged & plunged. I am still not sure if it is totally unclogged this downstairs toilet is a tricky one. As long as it is not continuously running while clogged it poses no threat to my downstairs. This has resulted in 2 floodings of the downstairs last month- NOT TO BE REPEATED!!!!!

I suppose I will revert to stuffing them in a bag and shoving them off to kitty terd heaven down the garbage chute. SHOOOOOOOOOOT!


I haven't used a microwave in over a month.

there isn't one in my new apartment, I haven't purchased one & the hotel I stayed at in Virginia didn't have a cup that wasn't styrafoam or plastic so.... no microwaving! My lymphnodes & irises thank me.

Tuesday, May 5

I heart my nerd

joe stewart


cinco de mayo


Day Cinco of Mayo

It is the 5th of may which means: celebrating MEXICO!!!!!!!!!! I did so with some franzia box wine, a car & a baby... not all together, and not in that order.

Just returned home from North Carolina- I had never been down south...excluding 1 adventure to Disney World ( Hope to return again!)!!!!

The south was lovely and full of calories, shin digs, and family events, not to mention humidity & insects!

I can't type all that well because my interest in computers is waining as I am baby free and feelin' the ol' box de vino at the moment.

Carry On... Carry On...

Thursday, April 30


Happy Birthday JOEY!!!!!!

Sadly... he is working and it is overcast out there :( But we have dinner plans and will have a good time with or without the rain :)

Wednesday, April 29

cockroach in the apartment

Morrissey was hunting something while i fed Ace a bottle.... I thought I saw a large almond like shadow making it's decent from my fridge/freezer to the floor. When he pounced I knew it was not a mirage. Morrissey caught the cockroach and took it downstairs... for what reason I do not know, but when you catch something, you always have to take it else where. So he took it down stairs with Pee Pants trailing him full of curiosity. He laid it onto the black rug for investigation and I'm only assuming consumption or attempt of. (Morrissey has failed in attempt of consumption many times in the last few days. He attempted to attack kill and eat 2 of my seeweed tamarind brown rice cakes resulting in one heck of a mess. He attempted to eat Joe's sausage egg and cheese on a roll this morning but only got the bun off and didn't even get a chomp out of the sausage- he's not good at figuring out what part of the sandwich he wants. He pretty much mangled my 1 left over bite of burger but didn't eat anything out of it. So it is needless to say... the cockroach was still alive- OF COURSE. So it takes off and I yell out quit loudly "Holy Shit!" scare Ace, and I absolutely do not faze the cats both of them are going hog wild with their new toy. So the damn thing scurries in a circle toward the baby stuff and i'm going oh shit oh shit oh shit and running upstairs with the baby and putting my motorcycle boots on pronto. That's my reaction! Better go put my boots on....!?!?!?!???? Well I knew I'd stomp that lil' fucker if he came near me so I guess it is kind of a good thing.

So judging by the way the cats are stalking and investigating the giant pile of laundry under the stairs... He (IT) is in there somewhere. Wish it was still upstairs that way there is no threat that the cockroach will be snuggling with me in bed or even worse with the baby. I feel as if it's on my shoulder and behind my ear all of a sudden. EEby jeebies are here to stay.

Alright this squirm worm baby has had enough of the blogging!

Reporting cockroaches in the building.

This is my first New York Cockroach by the way.

deposit on wedding venue

august 14th is the day. so plan for it!

washer & dryer

apparently I needed to get a 20 amp washer & dryer not a 30 amp. i'm happy I finally found this out from my landlord so I can have the wrong washer & dryer inside my apartment taunting me.


don't drink it.

Tuesday, April 28

this is a ranting shitty and negative blog about my day so far... it has sucked... royally!

drove joe to work. cut self on stroller. child took huge dump in car. changed diaper in bathroom at starbucks. joe forgot his lunch in stroller. went to his work in skin tight spandex running pants. wasn't easy. went for a run. then power walked. then sprinted. finished sprint at where car should've been. walked to brooklyn navy yard. waited 3.5 hours. had to get joe to come since the car isn't in my name. wouldn't let me get the bottle out of the car to feed my child. hung out in spandex. 2:00pm ate first meal of the day when i finally got home. baby had full meal. 4:00 baby to first real nap of the day. I hate nyc. I hate nyc's cops. I hate nyc's system. I hate never being able to be fully clean....ever.

melt down happened during bottle feeding. Luckily I contained myself enough to feed baby and get him to sleep.

washer and dryer are to be installed tomorrow. at what time i don't know because they called joe instead of me to confirm installation/delivery. there is a mountain of laundry. i still have to go to the laundromat today because joe needs clean clothes for client meetings tomorrow. i am making a security deposit on my wedding location today at 5 pm. when am i supposed to do anything else? i have no clean clothes that fit me.

this is a really lame blog and it is the only way i could get it out without..... shaving my head. I learned not to do that anymore.

i am not going to do any favors for at least 24 hours so don't ask.

Saturday, April 25


I ran twice this week! Sick of being fat!

Dear Fat,

go away.


Thursday, April 23




Dear Aunt Joyce

I walked 2 days ago and ran today.

End of report :)


I like this picture I was emailed today. Subject: "It's getting bad out there".

We need to start talking to our pets about drugs.

Thanks Diana :)

Wednesday, April 22

Flor Tiles

No I did not mis-spell. Flor tiles are awesome. They are also the fix to the frozen toe syndrome I currently suffer from in my new apartment. Concrete + tile + basement=BRRR!

This is the color I would like. This particular carpet tile is called Fedora I would like it in above color (chartreuse) & it is made from recycled materials.

Happy Earth Day.

T Minus 7

7 days to washer and dryer delivery/installation.



UG! This lady!

This article is so vomit-OSE!!

It is a given that any article in the "Opinion" category of The New York Times will be opinionated. However, this article is so pathetically rude, bitchy, and catty, it's plane old unworthy of being printed. Just because Twitter is a hot topic of the moment does not mean that any article written about it should be printed for more traffic on YOUR website New York Times (I'm talking to you-do somethin' about it).

The insanely rude attitude given by the writer during her interview must have been unnerving, hence the exit of co-founder half way through. I'd have bigger craps to dunk than to complete that interview. The author Maureen (MAWWWREEEEEEYYEEYEEN) seems honestly horrified by her lack of understanding of the internet and fear of her way of life after newspapers bite the dust. For her I suggest becoming a dishwasher as a back up as her brain is clearly clogged with enough uneaten table scraps to fill up an entire article with this mumbo-jumbo garble. Do I really need to go back to the article and count how many times she took a jab at Biz & Evan about limiting each twitter to 140 characters? Barf lady BARF!!!! I don't normally condone drug use, but you need to take a chill pill and sit on the internet for 24 hours and see what happens after you've read the Real Simple website & scoured Zappos for discount orthopedic sandals. You might just find yourself wanting to open up a facebook account and a twitter account and link the two together because it's kinda neat to do.

The biggest thing that blows me about her poor attitude about twitter & the disgusting manner in which she conducted herself throughout the interview is::::::::

A writer who is interested in continuing to be a writer most likely needs to adapt to the times. Update dude! You can flourish if you choose to utilize the technological tools that will network you, your writing, your life, & the rest of the world. Your audience can be created & grown using the internet as your lil' buddy :) Twitter can definitely help you by allowing you to post all your articles as they are published. The closed mindedness of our author was shown very clearly with her blog loyalties, as if only one forum for writing is allowable, especially since in blogs you're allowed more characters. Poop!

Well I like to write & I am not educated in literature writing or journalism- so I will Twitter my lil' heart out.

Friday, April 17

Friday Nice Day

It is a lovely day today! I exercised... I made tuna salad (yum!) The weather has jumped past tolerable into delightful territory- I'm flabbergasted! I honestly had to focus on happy thoughts (such a challenge).

Kind of want a head massage?!? Is that weird?

I have worn exercise clothes all day long. This is my strategy for looking good. If I look like I'm working on my weight then it's almost excusable :) Truly I'm a work in progress and have noticed a change in the butt thigh region solely from going up and down the staircase within my apartment. It seems that my phone is always on the opposite level of the apartment that I am on whenever it rings... kinda a good thing :)

Happy Friday to All and to All Happy Friday.

Thursday, April 16

Putting it all out there

I am not afraid to let everyone know my annual income last year was


$8,000.00 (well just a little more..but no need to brag-honestly)!


Tuesday, April 14

turbo tax disorganization nightmare

Now that I finally have access to a working computer and an internet connection----AND time to sit down by myself and complete my 2008 online income tax return---> I can't seem to find my paperwork. great great great. Moving and making a mental note of where I put certain peices of important paperwork isn't really working out for me at the moment!

ACK! (I do not in anyway condone Cathy like behavior & in fact it makes me a bit nauseated to put this picture up)

New York Same Sex Marriage!!!!

State Legislation.... let's make it happen!!!!!!

Gov. Patterson---- let's do this already!

We'll find out Thursday!

Insane in the Membrane

Insane... got no brain!

OK! So I've been M.I.A. until well, today I suppose.

What's up with me? TONS AND TONS AND TONS!

Visits from family! Moving... hassles... and of course.... the rest of life that continues everyday no matter what.

The baby is fantastic! I love the new apartment, but it requires a ton of time and effort to turn into a home. I'm honestly soooo sick of talking about it, typing about it is just reminding me of how over the top this whole experience has been!!!!

More updates to follow!!!

Monday, March 30


I LOVE BATTLESTAR GALACTICA & ENJOYED THE FINALE IMMENSELY! I THINK IT WAS JUST RIGHT. MAYBE THERE WAS A BIT OVERBOARD ON THE LEAVING EVERY CHARACTER'S STORY THOROUGHLY LAID OUT AT THE END, BUT I AM INCREDIBLY SATISFIED WITH THE SERIES. Unlike certain other big network tv scifi series' who leave people hanging for EVER AND EVER AND EVER (yes I'm talking to you LOST !!!)I will say this season has been satisfactory in plot thickening and actually answering some stinking queries set up as early as the first season. { I really want to know what's going to happen now that Ben (boy version) has been shot! juicy juicy juicy!}

And back to talking about battlestar...
I completed the entire series (4.5 seasons) in a very short amount of time due to being in labor and needing to do something, then being in the hospital and needing to do something. Did I mention that the series is so juicy and non-stop action packed that you just can't help but constantly need to watch "just one more episode"!? It's like crack for nerds! Not that scifi nerds couldn't do actual drugs... but this one only has conversational side effects. Which is socially ackward but not nearly as devastating as a drug addiction :)

OK! I guess I'll now have to focus on remembering all the goings on of Lost & perhaps watch Lord of The Rings again... how many times can I watch it? Nobody knows!