Sunday, January 25


Baby has cute feets! My lil' boy is doing so well! He is growing growing growing! He has been diagnosed with eczema... so he has dry skin and cannot be washed or lotioned with perfumed things. It's all Cetaphil & Lubriderm!

Saturday, January 17

Baby monitor OR Cat monitor?

I'm sitting near the baby monitor in the living room and am hearing.. MAh- MER- OW- MAH! Pee Pants & Morrissey are belting eachother and nawing at necks I suppose! Apparently all the action is in the bedroom as out in the living room, everyone excluding myself, is asleep. BORING! Going to see CATURDAY CAT FIGHT! They're probably gaying out by now and have decided to lick each other and sniff butts.


Happy Caturday Everybody!

After amazing sleep progress (chunks of 3 hours of sleep during the night!!!) The last 2 nights have stamped out hopes of disappearing colic.

Ace is getting into a bit of a routine & is attempting to sleep for longer intervals throughout the day and night. One step closer to a full night's sleep for me. The longer intervals of sleep time also help me store up some boob food! That way I can actually sleep for a longer interval than 2 hours, while joe gets up and feeds the baby. The nights when 0 bottles are awaiting a mid-sleep feast are the hardest of nights! Last night lil' Mr. Mr. decided he was going to sleep but only if he could fall asleep on his dad. So I left Joe to it and at 2 woke up to scream fest '09 & took on the baby sleep shift. He ate, then fell asleep in the rocking chair. I stuck him in the crib & mosied over to the bed. As if his sixth sense is sensing relaxation in his mother... Ace woke up immediately after I got all snuggled into bed. So I grabbed him... we burped & cuddled up on the bed (Joe was still passed out on the couch from having to nap with Ace to get him to sleep until 2).

When 3:30 arrived so did snack time apparently. We awoke and ate...then had a poo fest. Poo fest always contains a major melt down as Ace expresses his anger against cold wet baby wipes & airing out his nakedness. Then we settled down into more snacking which was followed by a 10 minute nap in the crib. Joe had found his way to the bed during the melt down... so Ace & I headed to the couch (his preferred sleeping area). When we arrived to the couch I soon came to the harsh reality that this is angry man awake time. Ace has taken up spitting up & an upset stomach after a handful of feedings a day.... he spits up gnarly amounts twice a day it's buh! And it's usually on me down my entire back butt legs arm and to the floor. Today he managed to barf up silently and rub his face in it before I noticed (all of 2 seconds)-sly fox! Back to last night (this morning). Around 4-ish he barfed all he could, snacked a bit more & fell asleep in his favorite position: face smushed into chest. When he falls into a more deep sleep face smushed to chest is easily transferable to butt up face smushed on blanket on other side of couch. This allows ME to sleep. Until 5:30. Ace eats, poos with massive grunting, &... This is when Joe is re-awakened. I go to sleep in bedroom & wake up at 9 to feed crazy man again...then back to sleep until 11:00 to start my day.

Let's just say.. It's 2:30 and I'm finally bathed clothed makeup-ed (fairly rare) & Ace and Joey Daddy Pants are enjoying yet another slendid nap on the couch.

Joe has earned several awesome Dad points, my favorite points were earned by Joe making Veggie Corndogs while wearing the baby on the baby Bjorn & bringing a plate of corndogs to me (toting baby) while I was in the shower. Pretty awesome!

Sunday, January 11

1 Month Birthday TODAY!

Ace is officially 1 Calendar Month old! Today is also the first day we haven't had any guests in quite a while. Having visitors, friends & family was totally awesome and helpful, but it is a huge relief to not have any body lined up to come over for a while!

Now I get to put my attention to the laundry & creating healthy sleeping habits for my lil 1-monther!

I cannot believe how quickly the first month has gone by. He is the joy of my life & I love him so very much! Joe has been an awesome supportive partner, and is a great dad!

I am hoping the colic sleeping pattern will relieve us of our sleeplessness soon! I look forward to the first day he looks at me and smiles! Now he just smiles, well smirks, in his sleep.

Tuesday, January 6

Follow Up Tomorrow!

I go see my OB/GYN for the first time since the hospital tomorrow. I am leaving Ace with Joey Daddy Pants for a handful of hours. This means I need to pump pump pump it up!

or out...

The breast milk production has been a bit off lately. It is hard to get ahead of the game as the game is ravenously hungry at all hours of the day and night. Anything I get out of me and into a container is somehow consumed before I ever step foot outside the apartment, or into a BED!

Will have to work hard and be disciplined for the next 12 hours to produce backstock. BACK STOCK BACK STOCK BACK STOCK!!!! That is my mission.

Ace is balding and has baby acne. He's not at his prime. Add this to colic (which has become mild.. THANK GOODNESS) and you have a nutty bunch on your hands at 47 Maujer! Mild colic is colic none-the-less, we haven't made it through the tunnel YET! I cannot wait until this new ugly baby stage is over. I still think he's adorable and love him 110%, but seriously baby acne is buh! and he looks a bit like seth green from goldmember when he starts to lose his hair.. its a bit sad really. Ace's new nick name: PATCHES.

poor kid- this too shall pass!

ok over and out I'm sick of typing needing wine wine wine!!!! (thanks for leaving a full bottle MOM!!!)

Monday, January 5


Mrs. Chunks is lookin' to lose some baby weight!

Just to set the record straight... as if it would ever NOT be!

I started out over weight! SO! Let's say I was on my way to 120 when this whole thing started (thing meaning Ace).

120+baby=160!!!!!!! This means I gained 40, but need to lose 50. on:

By Ace's first pediatrician appointment I was 140.

His second pediatrician appointment I was 130.

I would like to be 110. It is amazing what 20 extra pounds looks like on me!
I have a back roll, a front spare tire & an extra errr 2 inches of saddle bag on each thigh... I may be exadurating, but not by MUCH! I think another 5 pounds will be a synch. After that however... I have a feeling my work will be cut out for me. It's really not just the weight that needs to be lost, but tone that needs to be gained! Abs??? WHAT ABS? ASS- no gaining needed TONING TONING TONING! All those deserts went there there there.

Shit- no more for now, babyis awake it is 2:11 in the AM! BED BED BED! BABY BABY BABY!