Friday, February 27

House Party Last NIght

Was FUN! We dined on delicious Franzia White Zin (box variety) & yummiful Shepherd's Pie.

The last time I devoured Shepherd's Pie I was in L.A. at the Pig'n'Whistle with my Mom, Mike, & Josh. I was being a real big jerk because I didn't want to be in L.A. all night as there was a party in Laguna Beach I wanted to attend to. Little did I know that night would be the evening I broke up with my lame ass boyfriend & began my journey to Joe Stewart land. :)

Oh-funny times!

Sunday, February 22


Ace seems to be getting on a regular sleep schedule. I couldn't be more thrilled! He slept until 5 am this morning! Then awoke for a bottle & went back down for another 3 hours! He takes a long nap in the afternoon as well! I am so happy! It seems to me, when he naps well he sleeps through the night well. So sleep on my lil' buddy!

He's pretty much on the sleep all night take 2 naps during the day bit, he still does a couple of cat naps here and there. I'm so so so so so happy :) :) :0 :)

He had his first birthday party yesterday! We attended Aiden's (great kiddo from the daycare) 3rd Birthday Party. All the moms were so excited to get their hands on the sweet baby boy! Which was great for Joe & I- we had a little break!

Tomorrow we return to Mommy Bootcamp at the gym. Monday's class is at noon, which isn't the greatest time for Ace since he goes through a bit of a hold me phase during this time of the day. Hopefully he'll have a good enough morning nap that he'll be entertained in his car seat for the duration of the class. Friday's class is at 10 which is perfect since it is during his nap and he usually stays asleep from start to finish (1 hour) and then continues to nap in the car seat after we return home- which allows me to shower! I am going to attempt to attend a Pilates class tomorrow evening, allowing Joey to have baby time after work :) I hope it works out I need some serious core ab focus!

Back to my deliciously uneventful Sunday Afternoon!!!!!

Friday, February 20

Ace & his tricks!


This has made me feel better:

BOOMBOX from Ely Kim on Vimeo.

I have had a tag along of food poisoning since Tuesday Night. I am at home doing laundry & going to the bathroom.


Kitties Say WHAT?!

Thursday, February 12


little man turned 2 months yesterday. he also threw a fit all night to show off for his h.u. Brian.

he didnt sleep well, i didn't sleep well.

a side effect of his immunizations he received Tuesday.

Monday, February 9

Discovering Misterbooger

For my previous post I decided to try something different and search flickr for a picture to go with my lil' piece of snow/booger opinion.

So! I punched in "boogers" and clicked SEARCH.

I have learned that there is a woman RobynAnderson whom has many many cats, but one cat she takes a majority of pictures of is: Mister Booger.

Here is a picture of Mister Booger. I rather like him.

in the picture with the inflatable pool, what you cannot see (and what Mister Booger DEFINITELY sees) are baby chicks.

What a find, that Mister Booger gets up to a ton of shinanigans....drinking from the toilet, peering around corners... etc.

I need to take a nap now. I live like a cat, when I can.

SNOW the booger of the seasons.

Think about it. Snow sits around in hunks of snowy goopy dirt ice long after the rest leaves.

Like the boogers you get after a cold.

P to the Ork.

I am dining on a left over pork chop from last night. I had an impromptu feast!

Our dear friend (and honorary Uncle) Tony Le stopped by so we had some din din!

I made:
  • Pan Seared Pork Chops
  • Roasted Brussel Sprouts
  • Homestyle Biscuits
  • Garlic Mashed Potatoes
  • Pork Gravy
  • Yum-Yum Stuffing (Stove Top Variety)
We ate the crap out of that dinner! It was massive, hearty, and probably volatile to my weight loss program.

What-evs, I went to Mommy Boot Camp this morning. I bring Ace along with me.... and he usually naps throughout the class, oorrrr a majority of the class----- today not so much! I still caught a pretty gnarly burn in the thighs, so thats good. It's Abs that I need however! This gut, is BUH!

More later, Ace is in an odd refusal to nap phase (me no likey)!

Friday, February 6

It's Poppin'

Yo! What up my gangsta's?

Feeling pretty thug these days... I've been to Canarsie!

My car got towed for parking (somewhat illegally) in front of someone's active driveway. $95 ticket, $150 to get it out of tow, $28 car service ride to Flatlands (yeah even FURTHER than Canarsie)!!!!!! This all happened after 6 o'clock at night in the dark. I got home with the car at 9:30 FUN! There were many cop cars speeding around with their lights & sirens, and many ambulances. I now know where the wholesale fish markets are, and watched someone run a red light in front of a cop... where the cop could really give a rat's ass. You know you're in the hood when a cop could give a shit for an auto violation, especially one as deliberate as going 40 mph in a neighborhood with children through a red light intersection.

For those of you unfamiliar with Canarsie: Let me clue you in. Canarsie is a portion of Brooklyn that lies in the southeastern sector region....synergy.

As Wikipedia says:
"Canarsie was built on swamps near Jamaica Bay. It was a fishing village through the 1800s, until pollution killed the oysters and the edible fish. In the 1920s, Jews settled in the area. Ferry service at Canarsie Pier withered away after the building of the Marine Parkway Bridge. During the 1980s, increasing crime and lower quality of life drove many of Canarsie's white population to move to Staten Island, Queens, and Long Island. This phenomenon was called 'white flight' by many. Today, Canarsie's population is mostly Black due to large West Indian and Caribbean immigration. "

Here are some popular peeps that you may know from the 'hood:

Monday, February 2

EEEWWWWW That Smell......

I am wearing yesterday's undies, yesterday's socks, jeans that were cleaned I don't know when. My bra is breastmilk stained by tube top has 2 holes in it and is purple with lack zebra stripes. My sweater is smelly in the right armpit (B.O.), the left seems fine. My deodorant ran out yesterday. I have been able to shower everyday using only johnson & johnson body wash, and a bar of "cosmetic bar". My hair is somehow resilient enough to allow it without tangles. I laugh at the thought of makeup... :(

The shoes I'm wearing I have had for as long as Joe and I have been dating... that's 4 1/2 years of stench. I brushed my teeth (no floss).

the x-ray tech asked me if there was any way I was pregnant before taking me back to hold Ace down for his chest x-rays. HAHA! Joe would have to be drunk, blind, and hard of smelling to commit to an act as crazy as being attracted to me.

So I'm sitting here listening to goo's and ga's from Little Ace man... and smelling something, I don't know if it's my feet or my underwear. GROSS!

Hospital Hamburger

There apparently is enough ketchup in the world.

(to make this taste good)

4 packets of Heinz did the trick. it was more like a moisturizer than a flavor enhancer.

In the hospital :(

Ace is in the pediatrics unit of St. Lukes Hospital Uptown Manhattan near Columbia University. I have been with him the entire time, and Joe tries to be here as much as he possibly can.

It all started with some vomiting & sluggish behavior. Thursday evening after having an abnormally mellow day (lacking in diaper changes & eating sessions) I took his rectal temperature which came out to be 101.1 which is a BFD!!!!!! I called the pediatricians office and the on call doctor informed me to call 911 or drive to the ER immediately.

We had no idea where the nearest hospital to us with a pediatrics unit was.... SO! We headed to the nearest emergency room at Woodhull Hospital (this is in Bed Stuy). BedStuy is a part of Brooklyn that is seriously HOOD! Like the actual ghetto. I realized when we got there that it was packed for 9 o'clock at night on a Thursday and that this is where people go, when they get SHOT! So we got our asses out of there and headed to the upper west side of Manhattan to Roosevelt Hospital where Ace was born.

We were immediately admitted and be that time his temperature had risen to 102.5! At that point he was given Baby Tylenol, it took forever to get an IV into his poor lil' arm. He had x-rays, a catheter, and his spine poked a buhjillion times in attempts to check for meningitis. He did not like that.

He was admitted into the hospital & transported further uptown to St. Luke's via ambulette. This meant that I held him and was strapped to the gurney. I can't help but feel like I have been hospitalized, as we have been here for 4 nights, and are about to experience a 5th!

We were supposedly going home last night. Then it turned into today, and this morning it has turned into tonight or tomorrow. As I have experienced here & when I was in the hospital just over a month ago.... the latter is ALWAYS the case.

Apparently the first Urine Analysis Culture is thought to be contaminated, so yesterday a second culture was taken and sent into the lab. We now have to stay in the hospital for the 2nd Culture to be analyzed before they want to release us. BUH!

I'm thinking that because the antibiotics he has been given aren't usually the type of antibiotic that are needed for a urinary tract infection, that perhaps he was misdiagnosed. He hasn't had a fever in days, has been back to normal in every aspect excluding the massive amount of poopy diapers thanks to the antibiotics. This created one hell of a diaper rash which we're fighting off (and winning-hooray). However, Joe brought up the very valid point of- why is he being given antibiotics for the treatment of something other than urinary tract infection in the first place..?! That answer I do not have. It is also a bit difficult to get all the answers and same stories when you're hearing different things from 3 doctors. We have the doctor that was on call from the private practice, the resident doctor from this weekend, and now the resident doctor for the weekday. I cannot remember if there was a different doctor on Friday as I was so sleep deprived I could barely function.

Thank god for insurance I suppose. Ours covers $500 deductible & 10% co-pay. So! If we're looking at 5 days at oh let's say $1,000 per day. + the ER visit, which I think costs more than my eyes... AT LEAST-------> $1,500.00 after insurance. Adios wedding budget. Not that I care I'd rather my son be alive and healthy than have a big wedding.

So he just had a bath, and was pretty happy about it, after his bath he ate, and now is taking a nice long nap, without having to be held, which is a relief as yesterday that was the routine.

Our boy is doing so much better, and as soon as these doc's figure out what the hell they're doing, we can go home. He will most likely have some type of take home antibiotics that i will give him for the next 7-10 days. As long as that flipping IV is out of his arm I'm happy. I think it bothers him too!