Wednesday, May 20


Sara is playing the red icy pop flute. A favorite instrument of Brooklyn Birthday Parties!

Tuesday, May 19

I am 24

yep. 1 year away from 25... almost half way through my 20's. AH!

I'm a very different 24 than I suspected I would be. I think I have done enough smoking/drinking etcetera to really allow me some rather sober years in my 20's. I do not mind it. I love my baby and am very excited to get married this August!

I feel safe, secure, and happy. 23 was pretty nuts, I would like 24 to be more on the mellow side, but I'm pretty sure any year you get married is pretty crazy!

My beloved Maid of Honor Ali has assigned me a deadline to purchase a wedding dress. This is good. May is a really crazy month and full of stuff! I am realizing that if I don't get a lot of things done by the end of the week (as far as wedding planning goes) I just won't have enough time to get it done period.


This week:
wedding dress
wedding invitations
hunt down starwars stamps
find balloons
schedule cake making
find dj or karaoke set up.

i will do possible 2 of these things this week.... realistically.


I'm 24 my baby is 5 months old I'm still 20 pounds overweight. My apartment is finally put together. The washer and dryer work. I need to brush my teeth. I keep skipping the shower part of the day.. which is disgusting. I started my period for the first time since the baby and ate a ton of chocolate sheet cake. It was delicious. I am now 25 pounds overweight. I can't fit into a size 6 skin tight stretch dress it made me look 6 months pregnant. I have to buy running shoes today. today today today.

Tuesday, May 12

Wedding Dress

I think it's down to 2 dresses.

Here are pictures of both... let me know what you think.

I am going for a non-traditional semi-mod/early 60's look. Also something that won't show every bump or will help smooth out said bumps- no need to set my goals too high for dieting!!!

Friday, May 8

Cat Terds

I clogged my toilet with cat terds (turds is apparently the correct way, the computer's spell check DOES have a preference) today. Maybe if I used the flushable cat litter this wouldn't happen. (apparently flushable isn't recognized as a real word)

So I talked to my Mom on the phone & plunged & plunged & plunged. I am still not sure if it is totally unclogged this downstairs toilet is a tricky one. As long as it is not continuously running while clogged it poses no threat to my downstairs. This has resulted in 2 floodings of the downstairs last month- NOT TO BE REPEATED!!!!!

I suppose I will revert to stuffing them in a bag and shoving them off to kitty terd heaven down the garbage chute. SHOOOOOOOOOOT!


I haven't used a microwave in over a month.

there isn't one in my new apartment, I haven't purchased one & the hotel I stayed at in Virginia didn't have a cup that wasn't styrafoam or plastic so.... no microwaving! My lymphnodes & irises thank me.

Tuesday, May 5

I heart my nerd

joe stewart


cinco de mayo


Day Cinco of Mayo

It is the 5th of may which means: celebrating MEXICO!!!!!!!!!! I did so with some franzia box wine, a car & a baby... not all together, and not in that order.

Just returned home from North Carolina- I had never been down south...excluding 1 adventure to Disney World ( Hope to return again!)!!!!

The south was lovely and full of calories, shin digs, and family events, not to mention humidity & insects!

I can't type all that well because my interest in computers is waining as I am baby free and feelin' the ol' box de vino at the moment.

Carry On... Carry On...