Tuesday, June 30

I watched 2 movies that weren't Twilight yesterday

I still watched Twilight, with video commentary, because I was curious. I am so totally into Catherine Hardwicke. She is very passionately descriptive, and her excitement is captivating, not to mention humorous! Robert Pattenson's additions to the commentary were few and far between and mostly irrelevant but comical, Kristen Stewart is a bit more serious and she pays mind to the movie and drops little bits of relevant fun facts, as well as giggles and comical hoop-hoorah. I'd imagine it's difficult to watch yourself doing something and then talking about it... in an akward public-self-admiring way. I suppose actors that are super into talking about themselves and how well they completed each scene is ..... a bit twat-ish. "I was so amazing in this scene, I was like ["oh baby i love you so much"] I really nailed it, I'm so gooooooood!"

And onto the movie reviews:

ON DVD I watched:

The Wrestler

Starring Mickey Rourke, Rachel Evan Woods, & Marisa Tomei

Plot: The Ram (mickey rourke) is an old washed up WWE style wrestler who can't give up the lifestyle although he's well past his prime, he wishes the 80's never ended. Drinks too much shoots up juice & spends all money on steroids & lap dances. Lives in a trailer, fucked up his relationship with his daughter Rachel Evan Woods, and has a heart attack after being stuck by barbed wire, window panes of glass, a staple gun & body slamming someone off a ladder. The closest person to him is a stripper (Marisa Tomei) whom is too old to be attracting customers for lap dances & is planning to retire as a stripper to be a better mom.

After the Ram suffers his heart attack he has bypass surgery and is told he cannot wrestler anymore. He tells the stripper because no one else gives a shit, and she tells him to seek out his daughter cause she doesn't [or shouldn't] give a shit either. He kisses his early 20's late teen daughter's ass apologizing.. it's heart wrenching. He coaxes her into allowing him back in her life, then goes and does a bunch of blow, f's a chick and sleeps through his next date with his daughter. She tells him to fuck off, then he decides he's going to wrestle because no one gives a shit about him but his fans. The stripper decides she gives a shit about him, finds him just in time to stop him from wrestling and inducing another heart attack. He's already made up his mind, he goes and wrestles and i'm guessing bites the big one, but we don't find out, we just assume because the screen goes black and what seems like 10 minutes later the credits roll.

I liked it, my jaw was dropped at least 50% of the time, the scenes were mainly horrendous and so gut wrenchingly real it makes you want to walk out of the room.

Next Movie:


Starring: No one I can name off the top of my head, and i probably wouldn't recognize a soul unless I was a UK dweller any-hoo!

Plot: The story of Ian Curtis & Joy Division based on the writings of Deborah Curtis, Ian Curtis' wife.

I think the portrayal of Ian Curtis was very well done. Not that I knew the guy, but the dancing, singing, and general emotion in the acting was impressive. I knew more about the band than the person... so I learned quite a bit from the movie. It was put together well, and I have passed the judgement that I do not respect the way Ian Curtis chose to live his life and treat the people around him. Suicide is heart breaking, and selfish, but what led him to that point was a lot of struggle with epilepsy & a self induced love triangle. I found the film captivating, though I already knew the story, I still wanted to watch & find out what was going to happen next. I like the fact that the story of Joy Division has been told throughout multiple movies and views, it creates an interesting whole. ( i don't know if this makes a lick of sense...) I kinda had to pull this out of my ass really, I didn't have much to say about it, I mainly just wanted to talk about the wrestler.

Wednesday, June 24

Obsessed vs Posessed (boys...)

In 1 week I have read four and a half books. Not just any books either.

I read the Twilight series. I was addicted to it as much as I imagine my friend's ex-boyfriend is addicted to heroine.

After I finished the books in a freakish frenzy, I rented the movie on itunes. It took 6 hours to download which made me incredibly hasty and hostile. After I watched the movie 3 times it expired.

The first time I watched Twilight, I was instantly ridiculously into the star Robert Pattinson. It was obscene reliving my 13 year old style crush feelings (what I once felt for JTT {Jonathon Taylor Thomas}, Devon Sawa, Leo {Leonardo DiCaprio}, Johny Depp, & Matthew & Joey Lawrence).... that list could go on. I knew I had a problem.

so I watched it 3 more times... got kinda sick of it, and turned to the internet. I imdb.com'd him.... learned I'm only 352 days older.... and then I found something that helped me stop feeling like a giddy school girl. He (robert pattinson) played Salvador Dali in a film that didn't hit big this year... the mustache was enough. I have mad respect for Dali, and I'm totally down with taking challenging acting roles, and the mustache was totally necessary for the part-i just don't have to like it.

It's so funny to have this silly feeling for some dude. I'm a mom and I'm getting married.

The truth about the crush was really quite simple to figure out. It was the character that I fell in love with, learning so much about Edward Cullen, spending a week reading about the romance chivalry and ludacris amount of passion he held for his love... did it. SWOON! Anyway.

Robert Pattinson is a total hunk for sure, thought so when he was in Harry Potter. It's criminal that my now 2 favorite book saga's and movies include him in them.

Don't worry I'm not going to obsess anymore. I'll go along with thinking he's handsome along with Johnny Depp, the dude from The Science of Sleep... and the dude from Lord of the Rings. Man what is it about books into movies hot dudes? gets me every time.

I have my very own Barry Pepper (Joe Stewart) and I'm INSANELY HAPPY WITH THAT. though I didn't show it through my less than aware self existence last week, I think joe got about 5 words out of me- a rarity I hope he appreciated, the loud mouth is back.

THERE IS A GOD DAMN LUNATIC SINGING IN ...is it italian? outside my window on the sidewalk during Ace's nap... (exercising self control in 3, 2, 1 commence self control).

well that thought is over.

all done.

Sunday, June 7

baby food mill

made baby food without boiling today. it was nice. less mess.

Saturday, June 6

Baby shower pot luck

Attended a baby shower in Pelham, NY today. Decided I want to live in a house away from the city, but not too far away.

Brought store bought spinach dip and veggie platter. Not my finest donation to a party... but it's been rainy week and without the car or my umbrella (which i finally found today when it's sunny) there weren't a lot of great grocery shopping adventures this week.

The house was great, the sun was shining, the baby was happy to be out of the car. Gave some great gifts & found a new home for Ace's outgrown clothing. Dined on mini BACON cupcakes! Not part of the diet. Individual mac n cheese cups were cool too! Things like that make me thing I should be able to cater my own wedding (LUDACRIS)!!!!

Currently at home watching Muppets take Manhattan. Kermit has amnesia :(

The baby is asleep, Joe is asleep, I am next I suppose.

Monday, June 1

Happy June



Father's day is around the corner.

Ace now own's Ralph Lauren clothing thanks to his honorary Uncle Tony's Aunt Na.

I bought my wedding dress. It is powder pink. How do you detail in your wedding invite that the "don't wear white to a wedding" rule has been switched to powder pink. I would totally crap my pants if someone wore my dress to my wedding. I'm going to have it semi-formal so maybe... that will lower the risk. I honestly don't think I know anyone who would wear the dress (is that a bad sign) other than myself. I think it's just a testiment to how much the dress is "me". Let's hope.

so much wedding work to be done. Invites will be sent to the printer today! TG!

Now on to scoop cat poop!

As the world turns, these are the days of my life with cats.