Wednesday, September 30


i don't like my update, but i'm too tired of messing around with it to forfeit the rest of nap time in front of the computer for a redo.

it will have to suffice for a day or two.

Saturday, September 26

need to vacuum

Cleaning is no longer filling in the gaps of boredom. I'm tired, not bored. I have been cleaning since last night. It was more fun last night because I was drinking margaritas while cleaning. This time, not so much of a party.

It is nap time, and when one takes a nap certain outbursts of dishes clanking together, scrub brushes on tile and boxes clanking and scooting from hither to thither are disruptive. So to not wake baby I will not do these things until he is awake. I will note that cleaning, organizing and sorting is more difficult with him awake as he would like me to be cleaning, moving, and sorting him with his toys than watch me doing boring things from his bouncy chair. The outcries of unhappiness are really disconcerting to a cleaning lady/mom.

I have realized that windexing mirrors is a chore that I just stopped doing. I'm not even sure I have any windex left. Perhaps that would be the reason behind the drop in mirror cleaning.

A positive cleaning experience of the last 18 hours worth of effort is that I have finally counquered clean laundry mountain.

this is good.

more to do, and now the boy is crying awake.


happy weekend!

Monday, September 14

MTV VMA Scandals (& Scoundrals)

So, I watches the VMA's lastnight. Kanye is an idiot, & messed up the glory moment for Taylor Swift, the honoring of Michael Jackson, by being a vindictive attention whore & his chances of winning at least 1 VMA, which Joe & I speculate he actually did win, but a last minute decision ( and a good one) at the last minute changed his award to be given to someone else.

He had a great hip hop album and single, but he screwed himself so big!!!! Idiot!

I'll be a fan of his music but not a fan of him for sure!

Lady Gaga was awesome, I loved every minute of her perfoance!!! She rocked the party!

The Michael Jackson speach intro to tribute by Madonna was a bit long & indulgent, but I think it all needed to be said!

The tribute itself was A-lazing, it sent shivers all over, I was feclempt!

All in all it was good!

The new moon trailer was sooooo long & too revealing! I kept covering my eyes and turning away. I did this several times because I had to see, but I didn't want to ruin all the anticipation of being good & not ruining the movie for myself!

I can't wait for November 20th!!!!! I'm sooooooo excited!

Sunday, September 13

20 pages from

Finishing Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

I'm into it!!!

watching the VMA's in 30 minutes!

Tuesday, September 8

Best Email

Joe emailed me this from his iphone today. It was a picture he took of something on a wall at the company he was presenting to.

Seriously. I heart this hard.

3 things i'm doing

1. Finishing Treasure Island, ( I started reading it a year ago, set it down and.. forgot) How could i forget to finish this book? It's EPIC!

2. Playing Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii, 17 stars so far.

3. Watching Wolf with Jack Nicholson & Michelle Pfeifer. Totally awesome. Senior Consultant at a Publishing House turns into a sex crazed werewolf and finds out James Spader is nailing his wife, so he pees on his shoes.


These are all good things.

3 Other things:

Laundry, Dishes, Blogging.

3 Things I will not be doing today:



3.killing the cat (though it is tempting) Morrissey is a vile and evil feline. He insists upon yowling at high volumes during naptime, and if he's not doign that he's sharpening his claws loudly on a cardboard box. I have never disliked a cat so much.

Thursday, September 3


I'm back on a reading phase. Well, I've been on one, but now that the wedding is over, I am in it to win it :)

Currently reading a non-twilight book, though there is a connection (since it is by the same author) "The Host" by Stefanie Meyers. It's interesting so far!

My next reading extravaganza will be the Sookie Stackhouse books.

I'm really vampin' it up these days.

Go Vampires, WOOO!

Then, I think my pal Frances & I might engulf ourselves into Anne Rice.

After that, I think a healthy does of Jane Austen is in play and to finish off that reading fest I will read the now on paperback Pride & Prejudice & zombies.

yippee ay- AYE cow patties!