Wednesday, October 28

Who hates halloween and wants to babysit?

We will be dressing Ace up and going to an early evening baby party :) No trick or treating yet.... babies can't have candy!

But the later hours will be spent sitting in front of the TV while Ace sleeps. Wondering if there is anyone I know who hates Pagan holidays, dressing up, going out. Because I love them and would like to enjoy them, and also drag my husband along in the festivities.

Still haven't figured out what Ace is going to be.

Chucky. Jack Sparrow. Harry Potter. Ron Weasley. Napoleon Dynamite.

I will be: Lady GaGa:

Robert Pattinson to be on Ellen

November 20th!!!! The same day as the 2nd twilight movie New Moonhits theatres. I don't have tickets to the movie yet, but I may have to dvr this Ellen interview if Im busy standing in line!

I cannot wait! But I must!

Tuesday, October 27

New Moon Trailer

Last night while watching Family Guy I got a glimpse of the NEW TV New Moon (Twilight Saga) movie trailer! I was in the kitchen making dinner, and couldn't help but let out shrieks of happiness and excitement! It looks freaking AMAZING! The trailer featured a few never been seen bits and I tell ya! I cannot wait.

I purchased 2 for $14.99 Regal Cinemas tickets from Costco! Though I was planning on using them for Where The Wild Things Are... I may not get a chance to go to a movie until Nov. 20!!!

Seriously serious cannot wait!! The anticipation has been building so much so that I could burst! I have kept myself off the internet scene of trailers and gossip to keep it a surprise! I didn't even watch the crazy extended trailer they played at the VMA's just for this purpose. Right about now I'm really thinking about breaking all of that and going bananas with sneak peeks. I shan't. But I reeeeeeaally want to.

I need to get the Sookie Stackhouse series to feed the need. I have 2 new books to read, thanks to Jamie Stewart. I really should pick them up and work on "Project Distraction". These little fall months have been wizzing by, which is awesome and also terrifying.

Though I want time to fly so I can see the movie. My little Ace is getting so big so fast I cannot stand it! I am enjoying every new phase and missing the old ones as well. With new teeth on the move the nights have been a little sleepless. If only sleep weren't necessary, think of all the things we could do?

Monday, October 26

last week rerun

The Vampire Diaries was a rerun last week. Nothing could be more painful.

Many things are more painful. I'm exadurating. Most everything i say is exadurated. Not totally, and definitely not fabricated (i'm not THAT imaginative). Exaduration in emotion. That is the crime I have been guilty of.

I haven't smoked for almost 24 hours. (this is where I admit that I had started again). Somewhere along the husband out of town and the mommy 24 hours and the car accidents wedding planning.. ya da ya da. It never ended when it was supposed to.

Oh cigarette addiction I despise you. I would rather buy a new pair of winter shoes. I need a new cardigan, mine is ripped. So long cigarettes. You are bad for me. I do not want premature aging anymore. Turns out I do care.

nope. not ready. nope.

the car.

the car.

the car.

stupid car.

it's not your fault.

who's fault is it?




Wednesday, October 21


Today there is free admission (usually $18) to the guggenheim in Manhattan. Tonight in honor of the beloved museum the Empire State will be lit up in "Guggenheim Red". Curious if it will be the same red it always is, or if they purchased special bulbs ;)

Anyway, thinking about going after Ace's nap. Wondering how many people will be there on a Wednesday?!?!?

Today exactly 50 years ago the New York Guggenheim opened it's doors. Though they have a full year of 50th anniversary events planned, this is perhaps the most significant of days.

Here are the special exhibitions that are featured currently that you could see free today:

September 18, 2009 – January 13, 2010
Organized by the three largest holders of Kandinsky’s work—Munich’s Lenbachhaus, the Guggenheim Museum, and the Pompidou in Paris—this full-scale retrospective of Kandinsky brings together over 100 paintings and is the first major show of the artist since 1985.

The Deutsche Bank Series at the Guggenheim
Anish Kapoor: Memory
October 21, 2009 – March 28, 2010
Memory, a major new commission and site-specific installation by Anish Kapoor, challenges the museum’s architecture through its improbable scale, measuring 47.6 x 29.4 x 14.7 feet and weighing 24 tons. As the fourteenth commission of the Deutsche Guggenheim in Berlin and the Guggenheim Foundation, the installation presents a new milestone in the artist’s career with his use of Cor-Ten steel.

Intervals: Kitty Kraus
October 9, 2009 – January 6, 2010
Conceived to take place in interstitial spaces or beyond the physical confines of the building,Intervals is a new contemporary art series designed to reflect the spirit of today’s most innovative practices. Berlin-based Kitty Kraus is the second artist invited to create new work for this succession of solo presentations.

I believe there is also a film of the "past & present" of the guggenheim.

I know I will not love anything at the Guggenheim more than Cai Guo-Qiang:

I will definitely see the empire state tonight, but perhaps this afternoon I can enjoy the "free day" as well!

Tuesday, October 20

visualize nothing.

I am trying to come up with a solution to the constant clutter of my apartment. Essentially it is a cleaning issue. I am never quite able to complete a full cycle of laundry at once. Meaning, wash, dry, then fold. What happens is large pile of dirty= large pile of clean. With a major lack of storage and little money left after bills to purchase furniture this is an ongoing problemo.

I'm seeking a zen like approach to my problem solving tactics. I am visualizing nothing in my apartment. I want to play furniture scramble and come up with a way to not buy anything but create the apartment I want.

This is possible, but I will say it would be easier if I had some hampers a filing cabinet and some mounted wall shelves.

Also: free contractor who wants to build walls and put up doors for pennies.

Maybe I should apply to some nightmarish design show on HGTV.

Saturday, October 10

Oh. My. God.

Never mind the reason why... but I googled "yo mama" and switched it over to an image search... this was on the first page.


Monday, October 5

Cold, Hot, Cold

The weather in Brooklyn has been interesting!  Sheer panic took over me last weekend when we plummeted into the 50's!  Then this weekend it's 70!  I'm going with happiness on the warmer days!  Rain was kinda nice for a bit, but it reminded me to really enjoy the nice days while they are still among us!

Panic mainly for buying winter baby clothes.  Ace is growing so quickly he is almost completely out of pants that cover his entire legs!  The other issue is one of shoes.  The child dislikes shoes with a vendetta.  I am unsure exactly why, but the only shoes that have worked at being put on and kept on are Robees.  This is because they're more on the elastic mocassin side than rubber sole and laces shoes.  He has 4 pairs of cute shoes that he cannot wear because his feet have outgrown them, don't fit into them yet, or they are impossible to get onto his feet as he curls up his toes and makes it absolute torture to attempt shoe wearing. 

Because of this I've decided these 3 pairs of shoes will be needed for the winter.  I will not give up on "normal" shoes with him as he is on the verge of walking and I do think a hard rubber sole will help him with his balance!




Thursday, October 1

Watching The Vampire Diaries on PIX, they just were talking about twilight whatever...! I am watching it... For a fix, but truly November 20th is what I'm waiting for!!!! Yay New Moon!!! For serious!

La Boom

very cool

I want my stairs to look like this!