Wednesday, November 25

Thursday, November 19

ah the summer

it's getting cold...

i wish these sunglasses weren't stolen from Joe's desk at HUGE! WHO DUN IT?

Thursday, November 12

Crap A Doodle Pumpkin Noodle

I am bored. There is cleaning to be done. No need to vacuum while there is a sleeping baby. Only works to put him to sleep, well it would be rumored that running a vacuum helps lul a child to sleep. For Ace it's the dryer, which is convenient as I am in a constant state of doing laundry. The vacuum excites Ace. He chases it, attacks it, rides on top of it. When the vacuum is put away he finds it and with squeals of joy climbs all over it.

I wish I loved my vacuum as much as Ace does.

The dishes the dishes, oh such dishes to be done.

Who are these dishes? Did I make them dirty? Surely, not I. Oh wait.


Pea Soup you were a bastard to my clean house. Bran Muffin fed to the baby, how dare you! Meatloaf, delicious meatloaf, you are a mess too. But delicious oh yes, so gooooooooood!

Blah blah blahhhhh.. I have no insight into the world, just into my household. That is the insight of cleanliness (or the lack of). All I know now is that silence is bliss, all too soon with my home be booming with baby talk, vacuuming, and dishwasher madness.

I miss you Joe Stewart, see you soon.