Friday, January 29


Baking Chicken in the middle of the day. Wooooo! Party!

Ace is so energetic, he's walking everywhere, turning into a little man!

I think we're entering some serious toddler territory. Walking, mimicking, faux talking, opening doors!!!!

Nap time is happening and The Vampire Diaries is on, so I will part with very very little to say.


Tuesday, January 19


This is much more pleasurable than actually having a Face Book page.

I do it to keep in touch with my friends but I mostly do it when I'm bored. HOWEVER not facebooking and reading other people's very hilarious and messed up overshares is far better!

Amongst thousands of hilarious facebook posts this is my favorite:

Also in love with the posts declaring a girl is pregnant (this is how she told her boyfriend)... The 2 teenage girls talking about how much pot they're going to smoke, then her mother catching her in the planning stage (parents being friends with kids on facebook-hilarious)!!!!!!!!!

if you have hours to waste... do it at!!!!

Sunday, January 17

Top Favorite Songs of the Moment

These are mostly from the New Moon Soundtrack, which is so amazingly (surprisingly) good.

08 - new moon soundtrack - bon iver & st. vincent - roslyn - saga twilight.mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

Q Lazarus - Goodbye Horses .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

04 - new moon soundtrack - lykke li - possibility - saga twilight.mp3.mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

I can't have nice things

it's true.

i can't have them i can't keep them. half the time i don't fucking want them.

when i really really want nice things and i splurge for them they get lost, stolen, broken... eaten? OBLITERATED puked on. pooped on. anything. it really always happens

do not give me anything that you'd like given back to you someday.

seriously. don't do it. if it looks like it will stain,or is easily breakable, don't give it to me. if there is something that won't make it past the 3 month marker for still being desirable i will throw it away so don't give me that either.

i like things that go up on walls. i need things to hang up. i also need a used metal filing cabinet. a dresser. a wall and a door. i would also like a claw foot bath tub to fill with koi fish.

so what.

happy january 17th. I am officially too fucking old.



Haven't blogged in a while.

It's a glum hum drum morning here in Brooklyn this Sunday.

Ace is feeling better, he had a phlegmy cold and a fever that has definitely broken. He is not lithargic, he's feeling full of personality once again! HOOO-RAY!

Drinking coffee and enjoying the pleasures of a laptop in the living room.

Taking my dear friend Sara to Olive Garden today. We're gonna talk pregnant lady stuff over endless breadsticks. Can I do another HOOO-RAY?---- YEAH!

Not too much else going on. Pondering staying in our apartment or moving to a different one. The amenities are amazing, but the price is not. We love Greenpoint, so unless we could get something in DUMBO, I think we'll be sticking to the High West of Brooklyn. Our Little Poland.

All in all things are nice. Husband fantastic, Baby not sick, Me... working part time and busy all the rest. I can't wait for the heat and sun of summer, but woopty woop I can't fight with the Calendar, alas it is January, and will be for a while still. BAAAAHHHHH! or should I say BRRRRR!

Very well then. Ta-ta, and be happy :)