Wednesday, March 31

Harry Potter Fanatic!

I have read all the books, loved the movies thus far... and own ONLY ONE!

There is a movie 1-6 box set from Amazon I have my eye on... It's actually less expensive to buy the box set, than to supplement the other 5 movies to my collection.

Perhaps I'll sell/give away my singular copy and replace it with the boxed version.

There are still 2 movies to come (The 7th book has been put into 2 seperate screenplays).  Book 7 being as massive as it is Movie 7 part 1 will come out this year, and the second installment will be next year, I think.

Guess I've just not been keeping up loyally with my Harry Potter blogs...WHAT!  I do read them from time to time :)

If you are a Harry Potter fan, here is a link to the box set on Amazon:  HARRYYYYY!

If you are not a Harry Potter, but want to become one....  here is a link to the book set: BOOOOKS!!

The movies get better and better, and in my opinion, so do the books.

If you have little patience for anything here is the 30 Second Bunny Theater Part 1:

and Part 2:

Monday, March 29


Ace has figured out to open all the drawers... all the "JUNK" drawers.

Which means every sharp object... tack box cutter stapler etc is sitting in a box on top of our desk and on a daily basis the drawers are all emptied out onto the floor.

mischief!  SEVERE MISCHIEF!  My little bad boy has 9 million cubbies full of toys and he would rather sort through envelopes spare headphones usb sticks and so on.

Worst part of this is how he has figured out how to get the caps off of markers.

specifically large brown markers:

he also just shut down the computer during this post.

it's raining, we'd usually be at the playground, but instead we're destroying the apartment indoors.


Neice & Nephew

Olallie & Atticus:

 It is absolutely impossible to not totally love these kids.

Friday, March 26

Little Kitty

Last night we lost our beloved kitty pal MC Pee Pants.

The snuggliest nuzzling kitty with a chill hang out attitude died yesterday evening from unknown and sudden causes.  He will be missed and loved forever.

Pee Pants was rescued as a kitten from the Orange County Animal Shelter in Orange, CA in December of 2005.  I picked him from a litter, he was suckling on another cats neck.  Pee was the cutest cat I've ever seen, and the sweetest cat I've ever known.  At 5 years old he had lived in Costa Mesa CA, Brooklyn, NY and Portland, OR.  It is hard to know the cause of his immediate departure from the earthly realm, but he was not always "all there" and being the runt of the litter it most likely was from completely natural causes.  Living in a house that is baby proofed it would have been tricky for him to have access to chemical and chocolate, or anything that would cause a sudden kitty fatality.

He is survived by Morrissey the Cat, Ace Stewart, Joe Stewart, and Me.

Farewell sweet furry baby!

Sunday, March 21

Ace and Ma

Here's the 2 of us fine dining at the KFC/TacoBell a few weeks ago.

Just an FYI Taco Bell is advertising for their new shrimp tacos "6 shrimp 1 taco"-- my thoughts are 6 hours 1 toilet. Meat that comes from a bag is one type of gross that you can come to look forward to every once in a while, but shrimp-whoa!!! What could they possibly do to it yuck yuck yuck! Stear clear!

Thursday, March 11


Since the fall, I have watched this much TV: (not lost actually i watched that over the last 5 freaking years with a question of pay off, i admit!)

Breaking Bad Season 1 & 2 (thumbs UP)

Dexter Season 1,2,3,4 (1 & 2 thumbs up...3,

How I Met Your Mother Season 1,2,3,4,5 (for easy entertainment, NPH YAY!)

Glee, Season 1 Episode 1-13 (it makes me gag from time to time)

V Season 1 Episodes 1-4 Current (replacement for battlestar galactica?)

Lost Season 1-5th Current (i think i'm going to croak before i get some answers)

Mad Men Season 1,2,3 Current (don't know where it's going from here!)

Weeds Season 1,2,3 Current (love it love it want to see more)

True Blood Season 1,2 Current (way off in the writing from the books -sookie stackhouse series by charlainne harris----but! i still totally dig on it! lots of vamps lots of sexy stuff and hilarious southern accents, vampires that sound like fog-horn-leg-horn-HA!)

Californication Season 1,2,3 Current -growing a bit weary. i like me some Davey D.

The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Episodes 1-15 loving this--- want to watch more, CW-please stop placing the episodes so far apart, hello! it's a hit! ~now i need to read the books

Nurse Jackie Season 1 Episodes 1-12 loving it! will watch more!

The Wire- Season 1,2,3,4,5-----!!!!!!!!THE SHIT! I recommend to everyone!

Full Length Twilight Saga Eclipse Movie Trailer

Here it is:

I am looking forward to the dvd release of New Moon later this month (3/20/10). June 30th is oh the horizon *eclipse is on the horizon* i can see it in the distance, woooopity woo!

Wednesday, March 10


Awaiting full trailer to come out as preview during Remember Me, but a 10 second sneak peak of: Twilight Saga- Eclipse