Wednesday, June 30


I went to see Eclipse (The third installment of the twilight saga films).  Last night-opening night!!!

got there 40 minutes early (stupid)  should've been 1.5 or 2 hours early.

paid mega bux for IMAX tickets and sat in the FRONT ROW.

my glasses frames were not large enough to fit the screen into view.  I was doing panaramic side to side head bobbling the whole time.  egads.

I think the movie was good, but all i could see was the pimples on Kirsten Stewarts chin, the overdone makeup on Robert Pattinson and THE WORST WIGS EVER!  shieeeet.

for something that i've been waiting for for.... oh a loong time, i was entertained but kinda baffled.

no more big big screeens for me.  i'm going friday with some lady friends to a smaller regular theater, i'm sitting in the frickin back and i'm gonna enjoy the HELL out of it.

the fight sequences were good.  i expected a bit more scary intensity from the naughty vamps (but maybe it was just too distracting to be staring at whatever was on top of Bryce Dallas Howard's head).

The beginning of New Moon will still be the best most epic begining of the Twilight series if you ask me (which you're not).

In closing.  Eclipse is a would watch again movie for me, and though the screenplay writing detoured minimally from the original book, it didn't interfere.  The movie had a good pace and they packed it in with every detail possible in correct order from the book.

i need to reread some of the ending of eclipse i'm pretty sure that Bella didn't cut herself in the fight scene with Victoria in the book, but now i'm just not sure.  pretty sure Riley died way sooner and edward kicked V's ass before the cutting blood shit could happen.

like i said need to reread, currently unsure if memory is serving correctly.

go see it and tell me what you think!!!


Friday, June 25

Lame Mom Rap Verse 2

When I turn my Iphone on
It lights up all white

Shit man, that ain't right.

Not Cool Mom Rap Series. Verse 1

My hair is pink
It don't stink


Thursday, June 17

RoBert pattinson much pAnts!!!

Need I say more?....

Maybe, he'll be filming a nude scene for his next film!

Uhhhh can you say "closed set"??? No way hotta have a cell cam in there somewhere!!!