Tuesday, November 23


Today a man in a lovely green uniform removed what I refer to as "VAGINA VANDALISM"  from the swirly slide at the playground.


It was there all day yesterday in lovely black ink.  this poor woman had a vagina where her belly button normally would go.  So sad.

The Park was chained up and locked until 10 AM this morning.  Why is it that the evil teens can get into the playground from closing at dusk to 12 at night, but I cannot get in with my son at 9 AM?

I've requested the parks department lock the park nightly the official way, and never saw any results.  Then again maybe this was the result and in turn I have just shot myself in the foot.

We will see what happens tomorrow.

My next venture is to go to the zoning department and discuss the safety of having children play right next to a chicken slaughter house and the disgusting fumes that come off of it directly to the swings.