Wednesday, March 30

It's Britney Bitch

The new Britney Spears SONGS, are awesome.  Her huge promo's on GMA and Jimmy Kimmel LIVE were great tid bits that her fans have been longing for.  Her Jackass skit on Jimmy Kimmel live was good, but I am feeling curious as to what's up with the Pop Princess.  Her dancing is at 30% in every performance, and I am 90% sure there is no live singing.  I understand a compromise of live performance singing if you're dancing your ass off, but she's doing the dance steps hardly at all.  Her choreographers seems to have attempted to maker her look like she's doing more by waving her arms around and strutting cat like up and down the stage.  The put her up on some cool props, and there is this really questionable blue rope scene in a dance sequence that is absolutely pointless.

This masked dancing seems almost like they're hiding an injury or illness.  She seemed to be full of pep and movement on the Jackass skit for Jimmy Kimmel, but perhaps the pressure and nerves have gotten the best of the popstar.  Honestly, as a sober person I feel more up and ready for action, so what is it that is keeping britney tamed during her performances?  She is 29, and hugely promoting her 7th album release.  Now is not the time to cancel shows on Ellen and dance lamer than when you were on drugs.  Britney please please, come back and fuck some shit up with some face biting performances!  Her voice is unique and even her sweet talking is cool and the songs are just SO AWESOME!  Can we hire a new choreographer?  and cut that damn rope out of the performance unless you're going to make a sexy limbo or tight walking thing out of it.

Wednesday, March 16

Smurf Shoes

how is it that the below dark purple space turds are disgusting to me, but I actually like these smurf shoes?  I wonder if my husband would still find me attractive in these?

uh? What ARE these?

space slippers for one-eyed one horned flying purple people eaters.  kinda look like a shit with lots of rivets.  disgusting.