Friday, April 8


Today's road rage was brought to me by an Escalade. These vehicles and I do not mesh well. In fact I have 'mushed' with 2 Cadillac Escalades in my life thus far.

On my way to pick Ace up from Daycare there is an intersection where you "stop" at the stop sign and yield diagonally to the oncoming traffic that you merge into on a one way a millimeter before a stop light controlled intersection. It is a tricky little section, but I am not intimidated as I drive by it EVERY day. The intersection of Lorimer & Bedford is riddled with TONS of foot traffic 2 major bus stops a high school and Macarren park all RIGHT THERE.... it really loans itself to backups at times. I am yielding to a man slowly crossing the street diagonally where he shouldn't be when I am practically side swiped by the Escalade that WAS behind me, didn't see the pedestrian and almost ran over the stupid mother fucker. The pedestrian had crossed enough for me to go past him, but right into the line of the Escalades new chosen jack-ass path. So, I started to go, he tried to pass me on the right and kill a man, I stopped and the jack ass KEPT GOING! So, through the green light and to the next red I pull right up to that fuck head and roll my window down, and he asks "why am I an idiot?" He had clearly seen me mouthing "FUCKING IDIOT" to him while I was honking and flipping him off. To this I reply "Because you're not yielding to pedestrians. You're in a hurry to get past me, but I was waiting for the man to cross the street!" In which he keeps trying to ask me how old I am repeatedly. He's an older shit head, and thinks this will give him leverage in the situation. I answer his question " I am 25, and I am a mother who walks through this intersection daily with my child and I want you to drive safer. You're being unsafe for pedestrians." He chooses not to admit his wrong and goes with "WEll, I'm 65 and..." I didn't hear the rest cause I yelled over him "WELL GOOD FOR YOU YOU'RE A 65 YEAR OLD FUCKING IDIOT!" To which he had no response and drove off.

I think I won. BLAMO! To ensure my winning I made sure to honk at him at the next intersection, and flip him off again. In case he hadn't gotten the point that I did not like him.