Thursday, April 7


"Hi, my name is Chubby. I have a Mom and a Dad and I like to ride a motorcycle. One day I finally quit smoking and drinking and through sobriety's eyes saw a big FAT BUTT!"

My mission is to work out. I am going to reshape my lower body parts ie butt and tubby thub thunder thighs. They are not how I'd like them to be.

In my mind the end result would be this:

however i forget that i'm 4'11" and i will have a curvy physique.

best i can work towards is not having giant saddle bags and the lower belly. i have a 4 pack and a fanny pack. what's up with that?

Beginning Weight: 114.7 lbs
Each Thigh Circumfrence is 22"
Butt Circumfrence is 38"
Hips 34"
Waist 28"

Work out:
4/5- 35 minute treadmill Ran 2.5 miles, walked 1/2 mile with a 7% incline for cooldown
4/7- 40 minute treadmill Ran 3 miles at 5.5MPH with 3% incline, then 7PMH with 0 incline, and a cool down for 5 minutes with a 10% incline (butts need INCLINE!)

I have to stop eating pound cake this week. I eat 2 full meals a day, and snack before and after dinner + desert! I can wait until 1 PM to eat, but I want to eat all night, even in BED! I have removed the Girl Scout cookies from my bedside basket. I had 1 cup of coffee, breakfast at 10, then a papaya for snack around 1:30. Typing about food makes me hungry. I have an uncontrollable hunger. So, it will be nearly impossible for me to not eat food all the time. I need to at least choose low calorie healthy foods to eat constantly and attempt to fill my 'mental hunger' with water!

GOAL WEIGHT IS 105 AND NO SADDLE BAGS! I want to increase my workout to 1 hour 5 days a week.

swimsuit season is going to be EPIC!